InWorldz Choice Awards

Residents honoring Residents

The InWorldz Choice Awards Gala was held on January 26, 2014 at the fabulous InStylez Modeling Agency Sim.  It was perhaps one of the most glamourous events in InWorldz and the show amazingly managed to keep the lag monster at bay!

IW Choice Awards Production Team

IWCA Management Team: Chigadee London & Raven Dulce

Venue Design and Build - Balthazar Fouroux & Chigadee London

Set Designs - Chigadee London

IWCA trophy and Logo design - Balthazar Fouroux

Stage Management - Chigadee London, Raven Dulce, Dazzeray Snowpaw

MC - Raven Dulce

Hosting - Dazzeray Snowpaw


- IWCA Dancers (SkyeSunset Willow, Summer Rose, Skye Wolfsong, Star Celebrity, Tori Jules)

- Melodee McDonnell (To read more about Melodee, click HERE)

- Star Celebrity (Katy Perry Tribute Band Performer)

- Russell Eponym (To read more about Russell, click HERE)

- DJ ChahtaHatak Giranamo

Click HERE to see Flickr photos of THE RED CARPET, SHOW and AFTER PARTY

You can also visit a SLIDESHOW page HERE

CONTACT US: inworldzchoice[email protected] 

*InWorldz Choice Awards is an independent event and not affiliated to the InWorldz LLC.