InWorldz Choice Awards

Residents honoring Residents

Welcome to the InWorldz Choice Awards, where residents of InWorldz honor each other for creativity and excellence. Residents are invited to nominate their favorites on the NOMINATIONS page. Here is a short recap of the three step procedure:

1. NOMINATIONS opened around middle of December were accepted up to December 29, 2013. 

2.  The nominations were included in an online poll and VOTING began from January 1, 2014 to January 19, 2014. 

3. The winners were announced at a gala affair on January 26, 2014. 

     Winners received a fabulous trophy to display in their store or home, swag bag gifts and an exclusive, personalized IW Choice Award Winner texture to incorporate in their publicity. 

The winners' names are published on the WINNERS page.

*InWorldz Choice Awards is an independent organization and has no affiliation to InWorldz LLC.

CONTACT US: inworldzchoice[email protected]

InWorldz Choice Awards Team

Chigadee London, founder of FIND IT in InWorldz Group and owner of Couture Chapeau.

Raven Dulce, CEO of InStylez Modeling Agency and Editor of InStylez Magazine.


A milliner since 2006, Chigadee London’s hats have been worn by the leading fashionistas, models and beauty queens, as well as celebrities. Owner of Couture Chapeau, it is the premier hat store in InWorldz, as well as other grids. The store offers the largest variety of the highest quality sculpted and mesh hats, using exclusive textures, sculpt and mesh (no generic templates here!)

For a list of stores, simply open the profile of Chigadee London and check out her picks.

InStylez Modeling Agency is InWorldz’s leading modeling agency, producing spectacular fashion shows for nearly three years with a total of 34 shows to date! The Agency has worked with leading designers across the grid, InWorldz sponsored events, charity events for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Toys For Tots. Instylez also brought the very first Miss InWorldz competition to InWorldz.

InStylez Modeling Agency also publishes the high quality monthly InStylez Magazine for over two years. It has evolved into an advertising only magazine to help residents find what they are looking for.

InStylez… Keeping your InWorldz life In Style!

The largest independent resource group in InWorldz, this group provides a much needed service to assist residents navigate their way through the vagaries of InWorldz. The helpful members are always willing to share their vast knowledge of the grid and to help troubleshoot any issues. You can visit the FIND IT in InWorldz Group Freebie Headquarters

To join the group secondlife:///app/group/64452ca4-6416-4695-a969-bd4b7f8fc452/about

The Prop Shop is one of the best kept secrets in InWorldz. Visit this exquisite unique store which showcases some of the best texturing, sculpt and mesh creations on the grid.

The Prop Shop's  master sculpt and mesh artist is Balthazar Fouroux who is also a RL graphic designer with Fortune 500 clients. 

A big thank you to Balthazar for designing and making the InWorldz Choice Awards mesh trophy, as well as designing the logo and banners.

Open the profile of Balthazar Fouroux and look in his picks for store locations.